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We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied. Here are some customer approved testimonies!

Gary writes:I hired Stephanie Sweet Home Sweet Home Estate Sales in January 2012 to sell everything in my Dad's house in Sun City, CA, and they were fantastic. They really seemed to know the business and sold things I thought were junk for a lot of money. They probably sold about 95% of the items in the house, which I thought was incredible. They acted friendly and professional and took care of everything for the 3 day sale, including cleaning out the remaining items in the house (as I had requested). I'm quite sure I made more money by hiring them than if I had tried to sell my dad's stuff myself, and I did pretty close to zero work. I highly recommend this company. You cannot do wrong with them. 

Crystal writes: As a Realtor, looking out for my clients best interests and making sure the property is ready for the market is very important. I spoke with several estate sale companies before choosing Stephanie for my client’s estate. I choice them because they have a great reputation and their ability to handle every detail from sorting to cleaning up after was impressive. Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable at pricing, and her staff is hardworking, polite and helpful. I’m sure the amount that my client made from the sale exceeded his exceptions. It was a pleasure working with Stephanie and I will highly recommend her to all my clients needing estate sale services

Danada Writes: There really are no words to express the depth of our gratitude for all the service you provide. I was OVERWHELMED by the task before me when you came into our lives and relieved me of the heartache (not to mention the WORK) of having to go through this event alone! I would like to take a moment to write a letter to explain to your future customers how your service can leave your customers with such monumental feelings of gratitude! We are far beyond satisfied! From the moment we met you, I admit I had a good feeling about all of you, but after we attended one of your sales and saw how beautifully you display everything and the HUGE CROWDS of people your sales attract, I became discouraged that our old ranch property with it’s old junky stuff would not have enough beautiful things to offer to your customers. But YOU saw the treasure among our trash and found things to sell that I never knew existed! I know that there were a few things that you sold for less than I felt they were worth due to the sentimental value they had for me personally, but as I suspected might happen, you ALSO sold SO MUCH STUFF that I would have given away for free (and even thrown away). I believe our net proceeds from this sale might be double what WE could have sold things for by ourselves! We could have spent weeks trying to sell on Craig’s List or eBay and NEVER netted what your sale brought us. And WE would have had to do ALL THE WORK ALONE! What a NIGHTMARE! Please thank the young men who help you. One of them found a very VALUABLE large silver and turquoise belt buckle, I NEVER KNEW EXISTED, in a bag of worn out old belts. Until that happened, I had believed you were all honest, or I would not have hired you…but I must admit that when they found the belt buckle, my “hopeful belief” became a heart felt KNOWING that I had hired totally honest people who were looking out for MY best interest. Finding that buckle was amazing…I would have thrown that bag in the trash WITHOUT OPENING IT…the buckle LOST FOREVER! I mention this not only because we appreciate the return of the valuable piece, but primarily because it demonstrates that YOU DILIGENTLY SEARCH THROUGH THINGS…even an insignificant looking, old plastic grocery bag of ratty worn out belts! THANK YOU AGAIN and AGAIN for the SERVICE you provide! Should anyone ever ask, please refer any future customers to me as a reference. I will be delighted to reply to them! Sincerely Danada Sale February 2012

Judy writes: I have been a collector and dealer for many years; In fact I had a store in downtown riverside at one time. I was downsizing when I realized that my collection would not fit into my new house. After being in the business for many years she was the only one I would trust. Even though I gave them short notice her staff came in my house and set everything up so it looked like an antique store and sold everything. They worked with me and abided by my every wish. I couldn't believe the customer service I received. Then after the sale was completed they made sure the house was completely spotless. If you are looking for a company to host your sale then call Stephanie, I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

The Hocking Family Writes: Thank You so much for the professional way you handled the estate sale for Dellaurs. Your staff was friendly and honest with our entire family. The sale went much smoother then we had imagined. You arranged and priced everything efficiently. Your staff was friendly and patient with all the people who came to purchase items. We could of never done this on our own. I highly recommend you to my friends and family if we should ever have another estate sale. Thank You so much

Mr & Mrs Saenz Writes: A Special Thanks to a company who still prides themselves in being reliable, dependable, hard working and honest. The Staff knows how to price and get the most money for their clients. My Husband and myself would highly recommend your service to anyone. We know the probate court willl be pleased with the outcome of this estate.

Pete Ellis Writes: I would like to thank the crew at Home Sweet Home. They did a wonderful job with the sale of our estate. Not only did they sell everything off, they allowed a family friend to oversee the entire operation. From what we were told (we retired to another state), everyday they opened they had lines of buyers and the entire crew was attentive to there every concern. At the end of the sale we were given a reconciliation of what the sale made including the purchases made by the employees of the company. Now, how many companies are that honest? I am extremely satisfied with this organization and would not hesitate to use them again. Pete Ellis

Mark Writes: To your future clientele,my wife and I can honestly recommend Stephanie Sweet and her crew.Our sale was quite extensive,encompassing 2.5 acres.We sold three generations of collecting. Everything from tools to glassware to plants. Home Sweet Home and their excellent staff took control and handled everything like professionals.As you can imagine controlling traffic with a large sale can be a problem and was one of my worries,but Stephanie's caring crew taped everything off and put our minds at ease.They also know little things to do like keeping remote controls and keys safe during the sale . Bottom line , They look out for your best interest. If you need more convincing, Let me tell you about Home Sweet Home "groupies" as I call them ,these are the people that go to every sale that Home Sweet Home conducts, meaning you get a lot of people coming to your sale just because they follow Steph's website.This was what convinced me that we had made the right choice in Home Sweet Home and Stephanie Sweet in particular .Thanks for all your hard work. MARK and DEB

Elecia White Writes: I called Stephanie. She was responsible, kind and honest. Losing someone is very difficult. In the emotional aftermath, dealing with the estate was just too much for me, especially from 400 miles away. Stephanie worked at the house for weeks, getting it ready for the sale, even being there when a plumber came to fix a broken pipe. They definitely exceeded my expectations with their willingness to put it all together. I can't imagine doing it myself. Though my brother went through the estate looking for pictures and mementos, Stephanie noticed an engagement and wedding band that he had missed. She called me, saying that it didn't seem like something we'd want to sell. She also said it was unlikely the sale could bring about the ring's true value and offered to get it appraised. When I realized it was my grandmother's wedding ring, Stephanie kept it for me for several months until we could meet in person. When I went to one of their other sales, I was surprised that there was a crowd outside waiting to get in. Home Sweet Home has got an established customer base and they know how to advertise a sale. Their expertise is why we got a lot more from the estate than anticipated. Thank you, Elecia White


Martha Writes: I wanted to tell you how very pleased my whole family was at the amazing outcome of he estatre sale that you did for us. Not only did you help me get rid of 99% of my things but I feel you made a lot of money for me. Since I was trying to empty an entire household, 15 years worth, I was very anxious during the ordeal. You and your staff were a calming influence. Everyone was very patient with me. Tis sale a really tricky one for I didn't give you much time to prepare for my house was sold quicker then I had planed. Also I asked you to hold it on a holiday weekend with an odd arrangement of days. You didn't ;et this phase you one bit. Everything came off on time in the most professional manner. I had a lot of vintage items that you maximised there selling value. I know you got more then I could of gotten had I attemped to sell these things myself. Thanks Again Martha

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