Facts About Estate Sales

Can I hold my own Estate Sale? Sure you can, but it is not recommended. Sentiment can cause you to price items so high that no sales are made. Or, you may price the items at garage sale prices to move them and in turn do not get what they are really worth. Home Sweet Home Estate Sales gets the most out of every item. We have a name in the business and a large following among resellers and antique buyers. You would not have exposure to these customer opportunities on your own.


How much do you charge? Home Sweet Home charges a percentage of the gross profit + ½ the newspaper ad. This is low by industry standards. We understand this is ultimately your Estate sale and as such you need to earn the greatest amount we can get you. There are no hidden charges and NO UPFRONT MONEY. At the end of each sale we give you a Reconciliation Statement itemizing the sale.


How do I prepare for an Estate Sale? When you call Home Sweet Home you are done doing the work! All you need to do at this point is give us a key…we do the rest! There is one thing we ask that you do (or don’t do) and that is don’t throw anything away! You’d be amazed at the things that sell.


How do I get my Money? Home Sweet Home will delivery a cashier check/check within 5-7 days after end of the estate sale with a complete reconciliation of the sale along with a self address stamp envelope. The envelope is used for our letters of recommendation and will be kept on file for future review.


What Money do we put Upfront? NONE! We do not charge any upfront money, we get paid from the proceeds of the sale and supply you the client a complete account reconciliation when the sale is over.


Call us now and we can discuss our services and get you the most return for your sale


Stephanie Sweet

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